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Scouting for Food

Scouting for food is just around the corner. It's scheduled for February 7th - get ready!

New Webmaster

Elections have come and gone and I would like to welcome our new
webmaster John D. I am sure he will be updating this site so everyone can get updated on all the upcoming events.


Welcome to the Troop 64 website.Troop 64 meets at the Las Cruces Builders Association building usually every Monday at 7pm.

Camporee 2013

This year 5 of our boys attended camporee and they had a blast. On the first night people were doing a Cub Scout crossover. They started beating a drum at 11pm for the crossover which made it hard to sleep and we were grateful when they stopped and we could get some shut eye. The next day, someone was setting the fire for that night when lit because they had not properly put out the fire the night before. During the day we went to different stations of which gladiator fighting and crossing the rubicon were our favorites.

Polar Express

Are we excited about Polar Express?

I'd like to share some information regarding this up coming weekend.

1. Please be at the Kmart (N.Main) parking lot (Gas station end) by 6.45am.

2. We will leave promptly at 7am.

3. Breakfast will be in the usual "watering hole" McDonalds in Alamogordo. Please bring money for breakfast if you want to eat. This is also a good spot to catch up with the Troop if you have slept late!

Check it out!

Check out the image galleries and upcoming events.
If you would like to add something to the website please contact the Webmaster by placing a request in this link.

Important information for September

Sep 5th
1) PLs – inform patrols of what to bring to COH
Italian food
-main dishes-buffalos
-side dishes (including garlic bread)-tigers
-dessert - wolverines
-drinks - panthers
-salad- mustang
(knives, forks, spoons, plates, napkins provided from troop shed - buffaloes)
2) Inform troop of elections on 19th – installation at COH
3) Finalize grubmaster plans for Mountain Man (Arch. And Orienteering only)
4) Notice to watch for upcoming show and sells for popcorn – why sell?

Sept. 10th Mountain Man
Meet at Elk’s Saturday morning – Time TBD


If you have any pictures that you would like posted in our image galleries, please send them to the Webmaster Matt J.

Links you should know.

Want to find a game or a skit?
Check out these links.

Troop program resources:

Boy scout trail:

If you have any other links feel free to add a comment and we will get them addded.

Help needed for Eagle Scout project.

Dear Fellow Troop 64 Members,

I would like to inform you all that on July 30th, I will be working on my
Eagle Project at the Boys and Girls Club of Las cruces from 7:00 am until
finished in the evening. I would certainly appreciate any of you that are
able to volunteer on that day. I know that some of you have Patrol outings
planned on that day and I don't want you to change plans but if you could
spare an hour or two, I would greatly appreciate it.

My project will consist of painting a library and their Teen Club,

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